‘Chiedi di me
Nel buio appassito’

She told you are a shadow.
Among the people a flying leaf
Brough’ down by a step and
There lies old-lifeless.

Remember to let your bright
Light the sky.
Remember to let your worries
And you’ll know anyone may
Change your life.

Many spring-leaves are on a tree
Every year grow up and leave
Their place. As a leaf, fly away
Where the silence rules.

Wherever she is
There will be me
Whenever you want
Like once.

She me said
I’m remaining
I should be glad
But It wasn’t so

The research is hard
I look for you
Shard after shard
In order to be true

The path is lost
Now I’m alone
And the flight is flown


Mite e lucente, oro e d’argento
La vita è lunga, brilla d’immenso
La noia avanza e mangia il tempo.
Non perdere esso, quello è empio.
La vita è breve, non ingannarti
Fredda e opaca, pirite e scarti