you just wanna be adored

Il tuo ego ti precede (mia cara)
e, in fondo, si sa
simile scioglie il suo simile.


put your slender fingers on the chords
play your guitar, dear rebel heart,
i want to hear you sing the songs you wrote for me
like a -favourite worst nightmare- fucking alex turner
and as the sound of your husky and golden voice softly mumbling
will spread in the background
it will burn me down
yes, it’ll burn me down
just like your eyes did back that day
when they boldly looked in mine for the first time
and i forgot i had my feet standing on the ground
and my head was spinning so fast and we were running around
hungry eyes hungry smiles you were swinging like a child
oh god i fell for you
(and it hurts so good)

do that again, yes just like that, move, smile
make me tremble again down my spine
and my mind fades and my heart races
while i go down, down
owerwhelmed by the thought of you