ज़िन्दगी के पन्नो /Pages of life

अक्सर हम तनहा बैठकर ये सोचते है
ज़िन्दगी के पन्नो को उलटते हैं
खोकर जो पाया , या पाकर जो खोया है
उन बातों को दिल से टटोलते है

आज जो वक़्त है वो ऐसा क्यों है
क्यों हम उससे नहीं बदल पाते हैं
क्या ऐसा कुछ किया होता गुज़रे ज़माने में
जिससे आज हम कहीं और हो पते थे
अक्सर तनहा बैठकर ये सोचते हैं
ज़िन्दगी के पन्नो को उलटते हैं

जो आज हमारे पास है वो हमारा क्यों नहीं
ऐसे सवाल मैं में हैं कहीं
देख सके जिसे , महसूस न कर पाये लेकिन
एहसास है , पर नहीं दिल को यकीन
अक्सर हम तनहा बैठकर ये सोचते है
ज़िन्दगी के पन्नो को उलटते हैं

सिहयि खत्म हो गयी , कागज़ भर गए
तनहा बैठकर हम फिर भी लिखते रहे
मैं अभी भी भरा नहीं
सवालों के जवाब अभी भी मिले नहीं
इसलिए आज भी
अक्सर हम तनहा बैठकर ये सोचते है
ज़िन्दगी के पन्नो को यूँही उलटते हैं


The man who came on a boat

High above an ocean of blue,
Sheltering the kings, paupers, me and you.
To hell and back, we squander and squabble,
Over a script written 3000 years ago, means so little.
Blinded by faith, power and land,
Severs’ god’s children feeble hands.
Hustling voices, Jarring sounds,
All I hear is scream and shouts,
Not of joy nor of pain,
But an echo of Satan gambols over wheel of fortune, again and again.
I hide in my cave,
Clenching on hope, I escape the grave.
The devil resumes hiding and seeking,
Obliterating over the resilient and weaklings.
Just when he looks away to sleep,
I amble so steep,
Over the rubble and trembling troubles,
Over the tears shed and blood dreaded.
I sense it all over my naked heel,
I charter the untamed water,
Trusting the ghost, to whom my soul I offer.
I reach upon the Promised Land,
Where, the gods’ embrace all souls with open hands.
Alas! The mirage lasted a few paces,
Back to being treated like a bag of human faeces.
I cherish that the moon is up above,
Or else, it would have been scribbled with lines, religions and everything in tow.


Malady of the soil

A speck of love,
a speck of fate..
Enough with killing the doves and squandering lives over faith,
Or an unseen face,
as it serves mankind no base.
Whats’ essential is invisible to the human eye,
much like a mothers’ love hymning a lullaby.
I see no purpose shaming, blaming, or being named…
we are but children on a miniscule mole of dust lying unclaimed.
I pray unheard, unsaid, uncared for this place to be a utopia,
Where every offspring share camarderie, fondness, respect and tenderness,
to make this soil,
no place to toil.


(Inspired from the Hindu Odessy:Mahabharatha)

What is faster than mind?
‘The Mind’
What is numerous than grass?
What is valuable than gold?
More desirable than wealth?
More desired form of happiness?
What is the greatest deed?
What measures a man?
What is forgiveness?
‘Enduring the worst of enemies’
What is mercy?
‘Wishing happiness to all’
What is the only thing man can conquer?
‘His own mind’
What renounced makes one wealthy ?
What is man’s most dreaded enemy?
What is the worst disease?
What is the most amazing thing about the world?
‘Everyday creatures die,yet the rest live as if immortal’


Trudging by the sea,
unwind-ed a little to break free.
The scent of coconuts and berries caught my eye,
an apparition, a seraph, a host of heaven standing by.
She leaned over with a beaming smile,
tore me apart, left me bleeding like the Nile.
The seagulls, dolphins, seals and sharks,
singing in union until the dark.
She was kissed by sun, cuddled by the moon,
the waves swinged and waltzed eager to swoon.
The infinite granules of the sand ,
impatiently lingering to hold her hand.
Bespectacled, I look on and built her a castle,
and forged a crown of shells and glittering stones without any hassle.
I sauntered up to her to be the queen of my Alcazar,
she guffawed as I had lost the war.
As Tethys was her name;
The goddess of ocean, who knew the game.


A rebels’ sermon

Endless, mindless, needless thoughts,

Pumping the young, nubile and the prodigious spines,

All we do is sit and just whine.

The men of Satan spew their venom,

While the whole world procrastinates to antidote until it gets them.

What have we become ,full of hypocrisy, blasphemy and egocentricity,

Walking in famine ,hunger and exploitation where even god doesn’t look with pity.

I plead,beseech,panhandle ,scream ;

Imploring you to wake up from this utopic dream.

As a day shall surge, roaring with the hue and cry of togetherness,

Upsurging towards the apocalypse of oneness.