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Holy fuck

Now watch me die in vain
Watch me die in vain
On the cross
I’ll swear it will be gross

I’ll die for your jeans
For your shirts
For the skirts
Ungreatful love
Ungreatful sex
Made in hate
With someone else

I’ll die in vain
For fastfoods
For famine
For the Luxury
For them hate
A lack of empathy
Where I need it
No grace
No temples
Only actions in vain

August Ames/Rae lil black

As the flower drops
Something else rises
From the dead body
For the glory of life

Be like the unchained one
That came by this land
With polly and dandelions
Indeed he has known pain
And so he’s as mighty as a god

[the sun is the only true god]

Be that soul
Beyond far memories
Which are now tales
Forgotten tales
Whisperers in a ruined voice

As the gardener keeper
Casts his spell
Onto those sleepy leaves
Fallen into that gray pond