At the very least, Fuck the style.

I wasn’t asking u that
I’m leaving
I won’t lose to you
I won’t lose u.

This is the poem of an hero
a lonely one,
whos smoking cause some trouble
cause u know
he’s too hot tempered
but the people can’t know bout this
cause u know
people don’t.

Hes gone
the hero is gone.
He couldnt bear the truth
so he lied to himself and fade away
just his corpse remains
there, in front of u
asking u why
u needed that.

For that I mean That.
The u leaving me Thing
the u asking me to bear all of this
these things
that I wanted to tell u
weren’t the ones my corpse did
I think

I think it’s normal
to withstand,
This hero is an animal
an animal so conscious
that he’s conscious of him
bein an animal
he thinks.

Do this thoughts belong to him?
Yes, but people don’t think that way.
They give him the property,
that’s Locke,
but they couldn’t finish the book.
So they call him Animal,
instead of Human
both wrong, anyway.

He’s an hero
cause he needed to call himself like that,
and it’s hyronic
cause thats enough
to let him be one.
Crowd, please.
Paesants, please.
Let him through.

Dispose of his corpse,
I can tell u where it is
but u should be warned
that’s not him
please don’t think of it like him.
U can find it here
inside my head
if u are patient enough.

Maybe I should be the patient
u don’t need to understand the pun
to laugh
if u can empathize
Then, very soon,
u will be able to laugh.

Geez, it sounds so creepy
but u’re not animals,
u should be able to whitstand that
maybe u could’ve whitstand even that
And That
and the fact that I couldn’t
is screaming
that I’m not normal

Surely not normal enough
to be considered normal.
But if I’m not
then I need to be special
in a good way.
Who just rediscovered himself as abnormal
Would’ve chosen the bad way?
I’m a Hero, I can’t do bad.

Maybe my corpse can, I don’t know
but it’s not like people
can choose what bad is.
Its so unfair, Jesus.
U cruel motherfucker,
haven’t I the right to scream my pain?
What kind of awful system u build it up?
Pain got this name only when other 7 billions people share with u this awful perception of the feeling. This sucks so much, just cause u suck even more, people. 

I was writing many more screamin verses.
But my hero got up to take some whiskey
and when he returned
he was so calm
that he couldnt recognize
those verses
at the very least
u’ve all been saved by your hero.

For now.